Holy Smokes!

(ahahaha smokes! see what we did there...)


We are approaching our 4th Year Anniversary! Who said you can't run an Arc Lighter Empire with two amazing boys under 3 and work JAX Magic Beans drive thru Cafe outside our home! Err... we seem to do CRAZY well and this year is right up our alley!  

You ask... We listen... We make it possible!


We are staying ahead of the Arc Lighter game by using the latest technology to improve your lighting experience. We love to hear your feedback and what we can do to make improvements.



So what's an Arc Lighter???


An Arc Lighter (AKA Plasma Lighter) generates a high voltage arc between the space of electrodes. Just touch the arcs to anything flammable and you'll have instant fire. They're all windproof, splash-proof and their performance in cold weather or at high altitudes is impressive.  

Our Arc Lighters only need approximately 1-2 hours to recharge with the Micro USB Cable provided. They last 250-300 ignitions per charge (unless specified with more compact models). Yes, that is right... no more refilling with butane or other fuel! Forget the mess! Or burning your fingers. 

The lithium battery can be recharged at least 300 times! That's at lot of Arc*ing uses! 


All our Arc Lighters are backed with One Year Warranty...and after the time is up, we can service it for you.. clean the electrodes, replace the battery and make it as good as new. We are all about creating a sustainable future.

Search our latest 2020 designs, and feel free to ask us any questions through our many platforms or simply just email us at info@arclighters.com.au 

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